Wise Owl “Poseidon” Chalk Painted Desk

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Over the past few weeks I’ve had several people come in and requests desks. I happened to have this one in my stock pile of furniture. It wasn’t fancy at all and it wasn’t solid wood but it was study built.

Simple Chalk Painted Desk

Materials Used:

  • Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint in “Poseidon”
  • Wise Owl Varnish in “Satin”
  • Cling On Paint Brush S50
  • Sand Paper (I used 200 grit)
  • Krud Kutter
  • Wise Owl Clear Primer
  • Rustoleum Spray Paint in “Aluminum”
  • Screw Driver
  • Sponge (I used a car detailer sponge cut in half)

First Up, Remove the Hardware from the Desk

I don’t typically paint over any hardware with chalk paint but I do know plenty of people who do. The hardware on this desk was in great shape so I decided to reuse it. However, the original color (gold with LOTS of patina on it) didn’t exactly go with the color scheme I was wanting. I decided to spray paint it to update it a bit.

Scuff Up the Desk then CLEAN!

Since this wasn’t real wood I decided to scuff the surface to make sure the paint could properly adhere to the surface. I used 200 grit is just did the top of it. After scuffing the surface I gave this a good cleaning with Krud Kutter and rinsed very well. It is VERY important to make sure to rinse your pieces after you clean them because any cleaner left behind can cause issues with your paint.

Prime for a good foundation

I’ll admit, I don’t always prime. Since this wasn’t real wood though I wanted to make sure this had a good foundation for the paint to stick to. I used clear primer from Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Line. It’s never failed me.


Because I chose such a dark color I did two heavy coats of Chalk Paint. I LOVE Poseidon! While, I’m typically not a fan of any green this color is stunning! I call it a “chameleon” color because in some photos it looks almost black, in other it looks like a bright green. Lighting probably has a lot to do with that though but it still amazes me just how different projects looks with the same paint color!

Seal it to last!

Since desks are typically used heavily I opted to use varnish. Varnish on dark pieces can be tricky. I do a few things to help combat with streakyness. I apply my varnish with a sponge, I also add just a small amount of paint to my varnish as well. Maybe 2-3 drops, don’t go too heavy or else your varnish may not work as intended. I chose to go with satin varnish because I like the look.

Wise Owl Varnish on Desk

I chose to keep this desk very simple with no blending in hopes that it would fit in with most peoples decor. I’m hoping to use this color on a chest of drawer or dresser soon because I LOVE it so much!

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