My 20 Goals for 2020-Week 1 of 52

Time for the weekly recap on how I’m doing so far with my 2020 goals. If you missed the original post you can read it here

Goal #1- Take the girls out on 12 outings.

We have an outing planned for the middle of January because my oldests birthday was on the 2nd 🙂 I’ll talk more about it later.

Goal #2- Read 12 books.

I KNOW what books I want to read. Does that count?

Goal #3- Build a Free Library.

I got a few ideas of pinterest for this. That’s as far as I got. We will likely work on this in the warmer months.

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Goals for 2020

Have you made your goals for 2020 yet? Or maybe you call them “New Years Resolutions”. Real life, Every year I make goals on January 01 and every year by January 02 I’ve basically given up on them or forgotten about them. I fall of the bandwagon super easily, well, really I just get distracted easily. When you’re self employed you tend to be pulled in a million different directions. Most of the time I put other peoples needs in front of mine but it’s really time I end that and focus more on what I need.

Yes, some of my goals are ridiculous and small but I’m listing them here to keep me accountable. I’ve included both personal and professional goals in my list. Now onto my list of goals for 2020!

New Year Goals

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Goal #1- Take the girls out on 12 outings.

Truth Time, I work, A lot, Like, nearly all the time. It’s a habit I need to break this year because it’s not really fair for my kids. I DO think it’s good for your kids to see you work, but not at all the time. They need to see balance too. I figured 12 outings is one a month would make it an easier goal for 2020

Goal #2- Read 12 books.

I LOVE reading and listening to audio books but I haven’t done it since probably before my youngest was born. Any recommendations?

Goal #3- Build a Free Library.

I’m going to enlist my best friend (lookin at you Natalie!) for help on this one. 😉

Goal #4- Grow a Garden

I’ll be totally honest, Not sure how I’ll accomplish this goal at all. I don’t have a green thumb at all. I may end up just buying produce from our local Amish. Plus, Lee may not go for me ruining parts of his lawn for this.

Goal #5-revamp my pantry

When you actually SEE my pantry you will understand why this is on my goal list.

Goal #6- Redecorate my living room and finish my kids hang out space.

A few month ago we made the girls a hang out area and it’s literally just a couch and a TV. I’d like to do a bit more in the area for them. Our Living room also doesn’t offer enough seating for everyone if we have more then just the 4 of us. I’d like to fix that issue.

Goal #7-Get Back On eBay.

I’ve been on eBay for a bit. I got very very burnt out on it in June of 2019 and took a break. What was only supposed to be a few months off eBay turned into 6 months. I need to get back on the horse. I don’t want to be as big as I once was though. I’ll talk more about this later.

Goal #8- Work on Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest is an excellent way to drive traffic to websites. Need I say more? This is one of my goals for 2020 that I decided on that would benefit my business the most.

Goal #9- Work On our grocery budget.

Our grocery budget is out.of.control. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. WHY does food cost so much?! Why does everyone in my house expect to eat SO MUCH?! My Goal is to get our budget down to $400 a MONTH. That’s $100 a week! Totally do-able!

Goal #10- Average 1K a month SALES the entire year in my booth

I have a booth at a store that I’d like to break 1K a month in SALES in. That’s is gross not net. I’ve done a few times but not consistently. I’d like to push myself more in this area. I plan on adding 12 months worth of sales and then dividing them by 12.

Goal #11- Work on a Furniture Staging Area

I see so many stunning photos of staged furniture! I’d LOVE to be able to do this and think I can achieve this my doing a small remodel in my paint bay.

Goal #12- Paint 2 furniture Pieces a month

I LOVE painting furniture! I’d love to find an antique vanity to paint this year, a buffet, and a hutch! All pieces I typically don’t buy but I’d love to get out of my comfort zone a bit.

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Goal #13-Visit 3 new auction houses.

I go to the same auction houses all.the.time. In fact, my “regular” auction houses know me by number. I don’t even have to carry my card anymore. I’d like to scout some new auction houses.

Goal #14- Plan a family vacation

We went to Disney in October. While I’m sure I can’t top that in 2020 I’d still like to plan a family vacation for all of us.

Goal #15- Go to the water park once a week.

Santa brings the girls season passes to Beech Bend. Last year my youngest broke her leg at the end of may so we didn’t really get to enjoy them for 7 weeks. This year I plan on changing that.

Goal #16-De-clutter 1000 items from our home.

We are pretty minimalist for the most part to begin with but I’d like to work on having less in our house. Space is already limited so the less stuff we have the bigger the house feels 🙂

Goal #17- Finish Loosing 30 pounds.

In 2019 I lost about 60 pounds. No, I’m still not super skinny but I’m thinner that before I had my youngest which is nice. I’d like to finish loosing all the weight I’ve gained these last few years. I haven’t made weight loss my goal because of the holidays but now that they are over I’d like to focus on it more.

Goal #18- Get Back On Youtube and GROW my channel!

I use to have a channel that I posted on regularly but have since deleted all the videos. I’d love to start posting on it again! I’ll make an individual blog post later with a more in depth overview of this.

Goal #19-Secret #1

I’m keeping this one a secret because It’s not something I can publicly announce until all things are finalized. This should happen around June.

Goal #20-Secret #2

I can’t talk about this goal till about August. Hopefully it all works out. I hadn’t planned on doing TWO secret goals for 2020 but this one is GOOD. I PROMISE.

There you have it! My 20 goals for 2020! What are some of your goals this year? Leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear from you!

Top Mistakes When Setting New Year Goals

I know everyone has had this happen to them, the clocks ticking down to the New Year and you look back and realize you didn’t do ONE thing on your goal list. Don’t feel bad, the large majority of adults don’t end up keeping their resolutions. This year I have a long list of goals that I’m hoping to accomplish but first let’s talk about the top mistakes people make when they do set goals.

Mistakes when Making New Year goals

First, setting goals that are too vague. For example “I want to travel” . While I won’t deny that’s a good goal be more specific! Set a deadline and a place to create more urgency in achieving this goal. “I want to travel to the grand canyon by summer” is better.

Second, Not writing goals down. Truth, I have the WORST memory and I know a lot of other adults do as well. We are pulled in a million directions every day. If you don’t write down your goals chances are you’re not going to remember them. Don’t set yourself up for failure by not writing them down! I use to stick mine on sticky notes to my computer screen so I had a constant reminder.

Third, Trying to attain all your goals at once. It’s one thing if you only have a handful of goals. but if you have several it would likely work out better if you only work on a few at one time. I have 20 goals for 2020. I will likely only Focus on a few goals at once to help accomplish them and get them out of the way.

Lastly, Be realistic with your goals! Setting eccentric goals sounds like lots of fun but if they are too far out of reach you’ll likely be let down. Don’t get me wrong, I like setting goals that are just a tad out of reach and really make me work for it. But, for example, I wouldn’t set a goal to run a half marathon by February since I can currently barely run a half mile without feeling the need to pass-out. Baby steps!

By avoiding these simple mistakes when making your goals for 2020 you’ll set yourself up for success. Have you made these mistakes in the past? What did you do to set yourself up with success?