My 20 Goals for 2020- Week 2 of 52

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Another week down! This past week was crazy so I didn’t really get to focus on any of my goals. I spent Friday and Saturday at auctions. Which proved to be a complete waste of time. I didn’t get home till 2am Sunday so I spent all day Sunday finishing up projects. Sunday evening we received a call from a friend needing us to meet him Monday and go through his storage units and purchase stuff so he could get rid of the. We spent Monday and Tuesday doing this.

Goal #1- Take the girls out on 12 outings.

Our first big trip for 2020 is coming soon! We are all excited about it, I’ll update more about it soon.

Goal #2- Read 12 books.

One of the books I was interested in reading was free to download this past week on amazon. I downloaded it and plan on reading it soon. One step at a time. ha!

Goal #3- Build a Free Library.

I got a few ideas of pinterest for this. That’s as far as I got. We will likely work on this in the warmer months.

Goal #4- Grow a Garden

I won’t start to focus on this area till March or April.

Goal #5-revamp my pantry

I plan on cleaning up the basement (where my pantry is) in the next coming weeks.

Goal #6- Redecorate my living room and finish my kids hang out space.

I took down all the Christmas decor from my house this past week. Still trying to decide exactly what I want to do.

Goal #7-Get Back On eBay.

I sold about $32 worth of stuff on poshmark this week. I found a few items I need to list on there sooner or later.

Goal #8- Work on Pinterest Traffic

Not so much in this area this week. Traffic is down but I haven’t pinned anything.

Goal #9- Work On our grocery budget.

Groceries Week 2 of 52

Read about what I purchased this past week here.

January Total So Far: $32.66

Goal #10- Average 1K a month SALES the entire year in my booth

This past week I took a sleigh bed, and a buffet to my booth. I painted all of them. The Sleigh bed sold within an hour of getting it to my booth. I’m thinking I may need to paint a chair to get my desk sold. I’m currently painting another bed to get up there. My time is currently limited for paint projects though so we will see. The end tables I had taken up there last week sold within 24 hours as well. I should be close to $500 at this point.

Goal #11- Work on a Furniture Staging Area

I had 0 time to focus on this at all this week. I did get a lot of stuff OUT of my paint bay though so I should hopefully be able to work on this in the next few weeks.

Goal #12- Paint 2 furniture Pieces a month

Chalk Paint Queen Sleigh Bed
The head board of the sleigh bed that sold.

I painted this mermaid coffee and end table trio here, a desk, a pair of end tables, queen sleigh bed, and finally a buffet. I typically never paint buffets because they aren’t my favorite pieces but I am THRILLED with how this one turned out and I’ll hopefully post a tutorial on it in the next few weeks.

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Goal #13-Visit 3 new auction houses.

No new auction houses this week. It’s likely I won’t make it to any new ones till spring.

Goal #14- Plan a family vacation

We were so busy this past week we didn’t even mention it.

Goal #15- Go to the water park once a week.

Can’t do anything with this goal till May!

Goal #16-De-clutter 1000 items from our home.

Decluttering Items

I purged a few items the girls just weren’t use or warring any longer. My youngest finally decided she wanted to sit at the kitchen table with us so the high chair was no longer needed. I also rarely take my lap top to the store so it didn’t make sense to keep a bag for it any longer. Anyways, 6 more items out of the house for a total of 7.

Running total of 7 items down 992 items to go.

Goal #17- Finish Loosing 30 pounds.

Have I mentioned how much I like food?

Goal #18- Get Back On Youtube and GROW my channel!

I’ve worked a little bit “behind the scenes” this week. I’m aiming to get a few videos pre-recorded because some weeks I have 0 time to record!

Goal #19-Secret #1

No real changes for this, should still be happening around June

Goal #20-Secret #2

I can’t talk about this goal till about August. Hopefully it all works out. I hadn’t planned on doing TWO secret goals for 2020 but this one is GOOD. I PROMISE.

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