My 20 Goals for 2020-Week 1 of 52

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Time for the weekly recap on how I’m doing so far with my 2020 goals. If you missed the original post you can read it here

Goal #1- Take the girls out on 12 outings.

We have an outing planned for the middle of January because my oldests birthday was on the 2nd 🙂 I’ll talk more about it later.

Goal #2- Read 12 books.

I KNOW what books I want to read. Does that count?

Goal #3- Build a Free Library.

I got a few ideas of pinterest for this. That’s as far as I got. We will likely work on this in the warmer months.

Goal #4- Grow a Garden

I won’t start to focus on this area till March or April.

Goal #5-revamp my pantry

I did an inventory list to see what we had on hand to hopefully USE some of the stuff that’s in the pantry to make it easier on me when I go to revamp it.

Goal #6- Redecorate my living room and finish my kids hang out space.

I didn’t focus on either area this week. whoops. In fact the coffee tables sat in my living room till Friday, I moved them to the enclosed trailer and then moved a desk and painted it. The desk moved to the booth on Monday BUT we FINALLY got to celebrate Christmas with my oldest on Monday. This week I’m taking down our Christmas decor so hopefully I can focus on this area sometime soon.

Goal #7-Get Back On eBay.

I only did one new listing on ebay this week. I did have about $100 in sales on poshmark which surprised me. I also had one sale for $100 on ebay as well! It was a pair of frye boots that we mind and I NEVER work so off they went!

Goal #8- Work on Pinterest Traffic

I’ll do an in-depth post about this later. Right now My pinterest traffic is around 50K a month but that doesn’t mean people are pinning my posts or re-pinning I should say. I need to figure this out. I did read this article this week which helped me. What are some articles you read that have helped you with your pinterest traffic?

Goal #9- Work On our grocery budget.

January total so far is $15.48. Read about what I bought during week 1 here.

January Total So Far: $15.48

Goal #10- Average 1K a month SALES the entire year in my booth

I took this trio of coffee tables to my booth this past week, a desk, and a pair of end tables as well. I ended up marking down a bed that was sitting up there and a chest of drawer and both have sold. That’s approximately $200 in sales and it’s only the first week of the month.

Goal #11- Work on a Furniture Staging Area

If I was smart I would have painted my paint bay walls while the store was closed. I’ll need to focus on this sometime soon. Plus I need to figure out a way to fake a cute floor in that area. Area tips? I need something affordable.

Goal #12- Paint 2 furniture Pieces a month

I painted this mermaid coffee and end table trio here and a desk that a tutorial will be posted on later this week. I also finished painted a pair of end tables as well. Next up is a Queen Size bed. I had offered a chest of drawer up for commission but someone asked to purchase it un-painted. I went to a few auctions to find a few other pieces to paint but didn’t find much within my price range.

Relevant Articles:

Goal #13-Visit 3 new auction houses.

I did visit a new one this week! Cave City Auction. It was a bust for us. I go looking for deals. I will say it was a clean auction house, very odd set up though. Everyone was very professional and nice. However, the prices were high for my budget so all we ended up coming up with was this glass basket that Natalie bought for $6.50 :).I should new auctions on holidays are a no go but I never learn! I should have known I wasn’t going to end up with anything because the man sitting next to me kept saying “I Just like spending money” when he would purchase something, and he bought A LOT.

Goal #14- Plan a family vacation

We’ve casually mentioned a few destinations this year but we need to sit down with our finances and see what we can afford.

Goal #15- Go to the water park once a week.

Can’t do anything with this goal till May!

Goal #16-De-clutter 1000 items from our home.

I listed and sold a pair of Frye Boots on ebay. 1 down 999 more items to go! I’ll be working on purging stuff from the kids bedrooms this weekend.

Goal #17- Finish Loosing 30 pounds.

Well, I did a lot of running around like a chicken when it’s head cut off this week so that should equate to something.

Goal #18- Get Back On Youtube and GROW my channel!

I’ve worked a little bit “behind the scenes” this week. I’m aiming to get a few videos pre-recorded because some weeks I have 0 time to record!

Goal #19-Secret #1

No real changes for this, should still be happening around June

Goal #20-Secret #2

I can’t talk about this goal till about August. Hopefully it all works out. I hadn’t planned on doing TWO secret goals for 2020 but this one is GOOD. I PROMISE.

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