January 2020 Booth Income Report

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One of my goals for 2020 is to average $1,000 a month in booth sales in my booth. Now, I totally understand I won’t able to do that every single month but I’m going to try to at least get it to average out!

First off, My booth is located at Southern Home Designs in Russellville, Ky. If you’ve followed me on Instagram you know my consignment shop is also located in Russellville. I get asked frequently Why would I take customers away from my own store? Well, for one, I believe the more shops in the area the better business is. Personally, I believe most people who shop my type of stores will shop at most of them anyways. Also, while my shop is approximately 6000 sq feet I too rent out booths to other vendors, we take in a lot of consignments, and we clear estates. Meaning, I have a lot of stuff! To better serve my customers I felt it was better to have items at a second location. Also, even though this kinda contradicts what I stated earlier, not every customer will shop every store.

I rent two 8X12 booths that are side by side to each other. Giving me 16X12 essentially. I pay booth rent plus they take 10% of my sales as well. This is pretty standard in the industry. There are some places that also take credit card fees as well.

Typically most sales in my booth come around the 15th of the month. My theory the paychecks at the beginning of the month are usually “rent checks”, the paychecks in the middle of the month are typically peoples “play money” and in theory, people are broke nearing the end of the month. However, If I see I haven’t sold anything towards the third week of the month I start making things down and re-arranging items to move them. This isn’t true in every case, some items I do hold on for a bit and give them ore time to sell.

A few items I sold in my booth are:

Simple Chalk Painted Desk

The chalk painted desk was sold for $50

Chalk Paint Queen Sleigh Bed

The Chalk Painted bed sold within an hour of me unloading it at the store. It sold for $150. This had been sitting in my paint bay for at least a year.

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A complete List of Items that sold.

  • White Buffet for $75 (it had been marked down several times)
  • Pair of Lamps $10
  • Unpainted Chest of Drawer $125
  • Unpainted Queen Sleigh Bed $125
  • Pair of Harmony End Tables $69.99
  • A black Shelf $65
  • Chalk Painted Queen Sleigh Bed (shown above) $150
  • Chalk Painted Desk (shown above) $50

Total Sales for January 2020:$669.99

While it stinks I didn’t make my goal the very first month of the year January is a very hard sales month for furniture because people are still recovering from Christmas. I’m satisfied with my payment but I’m going to need to work even harder next month to get stuff sold. Sourcing has been hard this month. Prices have been so high I went to TWO auctions this past Saturday and didn’t buy ANYTHING! I’m hoping things start to level out soon.

*keep in mind I’m only including items I received payments for. Sometimes, items will sell the last few days of the month so I don’t receive payment for them till the following month.

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