How Much We Spent On Groceries-Week 2 of 52

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Shopping for groceries this week wasn’t bad . We are leaving soon for a planned vacation and I’m really trying to use up items we currently have on hand so they don’t go back and so we can work at properly rotating our “in stock” groceries better.

Plus remember I mentioned last week that I inventoried all of the food in our house as well. I also donated a ton of food that I knew no matter how hard I tried we would’t eat anyways or was very, very out of date.

Groceries for Week 2 of 52

Our total this week came to $17.18.The most expensive item was the shredded cheese at $2.77. I had actually bought the ranch dip seasoning in bulk however, I find that the bulk jars loose their flavor very quickly once opened.

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I’m only responsible for cooking two days this week. This week I plan on trying this instant pot chicken noodle soup recipe. I’ll let you know how it turns out :). I’m an avid fan of not cooking. It’s one of my least favorite chores. I try very hard on my days that I cook to cook enough to last us 2 days. Usually, there is also enough for me to have it for lunch the next day as well.

While I did manage to stay under my $100 a week goal, I plan on using the “left over” money to go towards a large stock up trip that I typically do in the middle of the month so this should all average out to about $400 a month. We live in a rural area, if it snows, or we have bad weather, we sometimes can’t make it out for a few days so I do like to keep a stock pile of foods just in case.

January Total: $32.66

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