How Much We Spent On Groceries-Week 1 of 52

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I know you probably can’t wait to see what we spent on groceries this week ;). I’m a weirdo and enjoy seeing what people spend their grocery budgets on and how far they can stretch it.

Grocery shopping is probably my number one weakness. I do well if I go alone and make sure to check what we already have in our pantry before I leave. However, If I take my other half with me, or the kids, it all goes to hell and a hand basket. While I could order my groceries from the walmart grocery app, I like to pay in cash so it’s a bit harder. According to creditdonkey the average person spends $250 a MONTH on groceries. Personally, I think I could average less than half of that. This year my goal is to average $400 a month in groceries. That’s $100 a week average. Totally doable!

To make it easier on myself I went through our deep freezers (We have two), our regular freezer, refrigerator, and pantry to really see WHAT we had “in stock”. Lets just say we could probably survive for a while for the food we already have. I’ve made a game plan to do one big grocery shopping trip a month. The rest of the time I will only do little shopping trips for “Fresh” items. Such has lunch meat, milk, veggies, stuff like that.

Groceries for Week 1

This week I only spent $15.48.

What We Bought for Groceries Week 1 of 52
Week 1 of Grocery Shopping

Obviously, I didn’t buy much at all. What will we make with these groceries? We have salads a lot for dinner. But, these will mostly be combined with other items we already have on-hand though. If I hand’t of gone through our pantry to see what we had then this shipping trip could have easily spiraled out of control. The bread and pepper turkey is also our lunches for the week. What was the most expensive thing on my list? The Turkey was $4.11. OH takes his lunch to work but he doesn’t usually have time to heat things up so we usually stick to sandwiches.

Happy Monday Everyone!


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