End of January 2020 Grocery Round Up!

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I feel at one moment it was January Second and now tomorrow is February 01st! I have no idea where the time went! When I look at my overall monthly budget and was trying to figure out things to cut I knew groceries would probably be the easiest for us. I felt like we spent SO MUCH!

I think what’s helped me keep it so low for the month of January is the fact I went through and did an “Inventory”. That way I KNEW what I had on hand (like 400 cake mixes I have never used) and what I didn’t have on hand. This gave me the opportunity to make a weekly meal plan and then I only had to purchase what we didn’t have on hand.

I also started watching Jordan Page (her youtube can be found here) and she reccoemds $25 per person per week. So our family is 4, making our budget $100 a week. I don’t include NONE food items in our budget. I buy your toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry soap and other realated items once or twice a year from sams club.

I also ventured out to pinterest to check for recipes for items we already had. I mentioned in one of my goal updates that I was going to try this recipe from pinterest. I’m happy to report it was SO GOOD. However, I wouldn’t bother adding the shredded cheese, it just doesn’t blend in well for whatever reason. Also, we didn’t add the salt and pepper and instead added vegete seasoning.

For my very last grocery trip for January 2020 I spent $16.92

I’m not sure how exactly it happened but we were totally out of baked beans. Even when I took my initial inventory we didn’t have any on hand either. So, I decided to grab a few of them. Also, My kids LOVE these muffin mixes.We also turn them into pancake mixes and I plan on having “breakfast for dinner” one night in the next few weeks. I typically make them muffins about once a week and I prefer the mixes VS making my own from scratch. My kids also love strawberries too so I grabbed them some. They were also the most expensive item on the list at $2.18.

I’m for sure going to have to do some kind of stock up trip sometime in the month of February though because we are running slim on some items in our household.

Total Spent on Groceries for January: $52.57

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