Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park

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My oldest daughter was born in January. Typically we do a small family get together because it’s right after Christmas and lets face it, were broke. This year I made it a goal to budget enough to actually take her somewhere. She chose an indoor water park. We had two options that were within 4 hours of our home base and we ultimately chose Big Splash Adventure because it was closer to us. Plus, my children had never been to Indiana so that was another state to cross off our list.

Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park
Buccaneer Bay

We arrived at around 4pm on Friday and headed straight to our room to change and head to the water park. The water park entrance is on the second level and our room was on the third level. Which, in my opinion, is perfect because if the elevator was running slow we could just take the stairs down to the water park.

Indoor Water Park

As soon as we arrived to the water park I noticed it was nearly dead. At most there were 20 or so people in. No complaints from me though we didn’t have to wait for any rides! The water park was a bit colder then I thought it would be but not unbearable.

There’s a few different sections of the water park. “Splish Splash Pool” is for smaller kids. It’s only 3″ to 8″ deep with a small slide. My 4 year old loved this area. “Buccaneer Bay” is definitely for the bigger kids but my 4 year old loved it too. It has two enclosed slides that don’t require tubs. Adults can even get on it with their children too. They also have a lazy river that they call “Lost River”. It’s only 2’8″ deep. Not very deep for a lazy room and if you’re tall like me your feet will drag the bottom. Let me tell you, the bottom of it is ROUGH. I swear I lost a few lawyers of skin on bottom of it.

They also have a few bigger enclosed slides as well that are called different things. Only Lee went down them because my oldest refused and my youngest was too little. I also don’t like enclosed slides so didn’t go down them either. They also have a “Lost Treasure Lagoon” It’s a leisure pool with basketball goals, lilly pads, and a vortex pool. The vortex pool is small for sure but it was fun for the kids because it pulls them in a circle. We spent the most time in the lagoon.

We spent about 3 hours there and then headed back to our room. They recommend only spending 2 or so hours at a time there because they have the roof and windows closed and the build up of gasses can give you flu like symptoms.

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The rooms were large, but a bit dated. The pillows were very flat and all different sizes.The beds weren’t bad but they are firmer then what I typically like and you could tell they were a bit aged. The rooms do need some upgrades. There are no USB ports, half of the time our lights didn’t work, and the AC unit in it could barely keep our room cool so we had to call and request a box fan to help it circulate the air better. They are LARGE rooms though so if you’re a family of 5 you should have plenty of space. The bathroom does have a clothes line in the tub which is a nice feature to offer.

On Saturday we chose to head out and do some local antique and second hand shopping. We got back to our room at about 2 and headed to the water park at about 3. It was PACKED. The resort allows people to purchase day passes and I guess they don’t limit how many they sell. It was so full we opted to head back to our room and hang out for a bit. We headed back to the water park at 6:30. It was still full but at 7 they kick out everyone who has purchased day passes and from 7-9pm it’s only open for people who are staying at the resort.

Saturday night was still busier then Friday night and their were still waits for the water slides but it wasn’t as bad after 7pm.

Free Breakfast!

I’ll also say that the resort offers a breakfast as well that’s included in the price. It’s buffet style and all you can eat. There was a big variety of items offered from hot to cold items. Some of them were a bit over cooked but overall it wasn’t bad. We arrived at about 9am Saturday morning and were seated right away. However, on Sunday at 8:30am the line was out the door and about 20 people deep so we opted to go eat at Dennys instead.

Overall, the girls enjoyed the trip a lot and that’s whats important. Would we visit again? Maybe. I feel like room costs were kinda high,we spent about $475 total for 2 nights, which included water park tickets though. The town has some cool history and lots to offer in terms of museums and shopping though.

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