And Then She Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

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Long time no post. So to get to the point, I haven’t posted (clearly) in almost TWO months. What happened?

Well, I got sick, very sick. On February 5th I went to bed and didn’t get out of it for a whole week. A fever for nearly a week, couldn’t breath hardly. I felt AWFUL. When I finally went to the doctor she diagnosed me with strep and gave me zpak. Great! Only no. Zpak didn’t work. I went back again and got ANOTHER round of antibiotics. Still felt like shit but my fever broke finally after 12 days. I still felt bad so this time I went to a different Dr who did another strep test. I still had it so she gave me something. I went back 4 days later because I STILL felt bad and she did a swab and a culture. Swab came back positive however culture came back negative for strep. I am finally as of today feeling better. We still have no idea but I do suspect I had the dreaded COVID-19.

Which leads me to, I need to reasses my goals because a lot of them are changing due to the state basically shutting everything down, boo. I hope everything is staying safe though!

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