20 Goals for 2020- Week 4 of 52

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Another week down! It’s been a crazy hectic week attempting to “catch up” from going out of town last weekend.

Goal #1- Take the girls out on 12 outings.

1 down 11 more to go! The girls and I went to Big Splash Adventure in French Lick Indiana. You can read my review about it here.

Goal #2- Read 12 books.

I tried hard to read Your Money Your Life. I just couldn’t do it. I think I need to find some trashy romance novels to get my back into reading before I switch to books that will actually better my life.

Goal #3- Build a Free Library.

I got a few ideas of pinterest for this. That’s as far as I got. We will likely work on this in the warmer months.

Goal #4- Grow a Garden

I won’t start to focus on this area till March or April.

Goal #5-revamp my pantry

I cleared out a few more items from the basement and took them straight to the burn pile.

Goal #6- Redecorate my living room and finish my kids hang out space.

Not much done in this area at all.

Goal #7-Get Back On eBay.

I didn’t come across anything screaming at my to list on ebay this past week.

Goal #8- Work on Pinterest Traffic

Apparently I made goals so I can avoid them all.

Goal #9- Work On our grocery budget.

My kids LOVE blueberries.

This past week All I purchased was a pint of blueberries so we could have some fresh fruit in the house for the kids. My in-laws sent some bananas up for them as well.

Groceries Week 3:$2.99

January Total So Far: $35.65

Goal #10- Average 1K a month SALES the entire year in my booth

I don’t believe I sold anything this past week from my booth. I did go in and mark some items down though!

Goal #11- Work on a Furniture Staging Area

I am looking into some wall paper for that wall that leaves it neutral enough. I found a few at target I like and one or two at Hobby Lobby as well.

Goal #12- Paint 2 furniture Pieces a month

Buffet with dry brush antebellum blue

I painted this mermaid coffee and end table trio here, a desk, a pair of end tables, queen sleigh bed, a buffet, a full size bed,a chest of drawer and a MCM Dresser. This is one goal that is easy for me to like!

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Goal #13-Visit 3 new auction houses.

No new auction houses this week. I did find one I’d like to visit on the 31st but it’s dependent on if I have anyone to come with me or not.

Goal #14- Plan a family vacation

We were so busy this past week we didn’t even mention it.

Goal #15- Go to the water park once a week.

Can’t do anything with this goal till May!

Goal #16-De-clutter 1000 items from our home.

iPad Case

I purchased this ipad cover. I THOUGHT it would work on my ipad. Apparently it’s too small. I took it to the store to re-sell.

Running total of 8 items down 991 items to go.

Goal #17- Finish Loosing 30 pounds.

Have I mentioned how much I like food? I really wish I hadn’t focused on the number of pounds lost but instead maybe inches or something.

Goal #18- Get Back On Youtube and GROW my channel!

I’ve got three videos filmed and one edited. I need to finish editing the other two.

Goal #19-Secret #1

No real changes for this, should still be happening around June

Goal #20-Secret #2

I can’t talk about this goal till about August. Hopefully it all works out. I hadn’t planned on doing TWO secret goals for 2020 but this one is GOOD. I PROMISE.

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