And Then She Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

Long time no post. So to get to the point, I haven’t posted (clearly) in almost TWO months. What happened?

Well, I got sick, very sick. On February 5th I went to bed and didn’t get out of it for a whole week. A fever for nearly a week, couldn’t breath hardly. I felt AWFUL. When I finally went to the doctor she diagnosed me with strep and gave me zpak. Great! Only no. Zpak didn’t work. I went back again and got ANOTHER round of antibiotics. Still felt like shit but my fever broke finally after 12 days. I still felt bad so this time I went to a different Dr who did another strep test. I still had it so she gave me something. I went back 4 days later because I STILL felt bad and she did a swab and a culture. Swab came back positive however culture came back negative for strep. I am finally as of today feeling better. We still have no idea but I do suspect I had the dreaded COVID-19.

Which leads me to, I need to reasses my goals because a lot of them are changing due to the state basically shutting everything down, boo. I hope everything is staying safe though!

End of January 2020 Grocery Round Up!

I feel at one moment it was January Second and now tomorrow is February 01st! I have no idea where the time went! When I look at my overall monthly budget and was trying to figure out things to cut I knew groceries would probably be the easiest for us. I felt like we spent SO MUCH!

I think what’s helped me keep it so low for the month of January is the fact I went through and did an “Inventory”. That way I KNEW what I had on hand (like 400 cake mixes I have never used) and what I didn’t have on hand. This gave me the opportunity to make a weekly meal plan and then I only had to purchase what we didn’t have on hand.

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Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park

My oldest daughter was born in January. Typically we do a small family get together because it’s right after Christmas and lets face it, were broke. This year I made it a goal to budget enough to actually take her somewhere. She chose an indoor water park. We had two options that were within 4 hours of our home base and we ultimately chose Big Splash Adventure because it was closer to us. Plus, my children had never been to Indiana so that was another state to cross off our list.

Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park
Buccaneer Bay
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